Update on The ProtoHaus

The ProtoHaus has proven to be a truly portable home, making several cross country journeys. The couple originally built the home during a summer on her parents’ property in Colorado. They then drove it 1,500 miles to Alfred, New York where they lived in it for a year while Holley was in grad school. Then they drove it back to Colorado where they parked it on a traditional lot in Longmont, Colorado.” – FairCompanies.com

More about this Colorado portable tiny house on YouTube.

Visit the Protohaus website…

2 thoughts on “Update on The ProtoHaus”

  1. Hi! my husband and I are both from Colorado, but we both joined the Marines and then have been living in San Diego for the past 15 years. We want to move back to our beautiful home state, but we want to live in a tiny home. We also want to live in Fort Collins Larimer County area. We have a ton of questions about coding and building and we’re hoping that you could contact us so we could pick your brain. I know you probably have a lot of requests like this, but we need to talk to people who actually done it. Thanks!

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