Why Choose A Loft In Your Tiny House?

The first time I saw a sleeping loft was on an episode of Little House On The Prairie. Fans of the show may remember the little sleeping area just behind the chimney stack that Charles built specifically for Laura and Mary to sleep in.


  1. i have to say that having to click thru an extra page to get to the article is dissuasive.

    1. Oh, there’s a click-through? Must have missed it. I moved on, needless to say.

    2. It seems to be a common practice. I’m not sure if all blogs do it, or just the facebook page/blogs. I think it’s to log that people are following them, not just the blog/website it links to.

    3. More and more frequently, the sources are linked to in an article by the posters here. It does get annoying when they don’t follow the posts they find to the sources. One day, I clicked through 6 different ‘pin’ sites before I finally got to the source article.

      It’s all because people want quantity and not quality.

    4. Thank you, it is good to see you’ve recognized the readers.

  2. More space if you have a sleeping loft. I lived in a 10’x16′ bachelor apartment (with a 7’x7′ bathroom) and even with a folding futon, I never had enough room and had to use the balcony as my living room during the summer months.

  3. Not really an option for retiree’s that are aging and want to downsize.

    1. Stairs are bad enough for us fogeys; ladders are out of the question.

    2. aye, but that’s the beauty of the tiny house movement. Its all about consciously designing for your needs and so wants. Having less house, but more of what you actually want.

    3. I’ve always envisioned my bed on the first floor due to bad knees; this would be perfect!!

    4. Agree with you Sharon and Bill. Cannot see myself in a loft either.

  4. because when in precocity to a bed, you’ll ALWAYS sit on it… plus divides a tiny space between a more public (entertaining) and private (sleeping) PLUS who wouldn’t want a sweet skylight about there bed in their sleeping loft?

  5. We’re building my workshop with a sleeping loft upstairs (with room for a table and 2 chairs and storage for my art stuff in the eaves), and a sitting area and 2-pce washroom downstairs. It can be a guest ‘suite’, then, too.
    (We’re using a pull-down attic access folding-stair system, so no ladder needed!)

  6. With my health a loft is out! But there was a time when it seemed cool. And would be a grand place for kids to play. 🙂

  7. I’ve always been pro-loft, but this loft-less option is quite appealing. I’ll need to do some reflecting before I break ground on the Bodega.

  8. I want to buy me a small home….just need to find a very small piece of land to put it on…..i wonder if I can…..

  9. That bed in the loft has always been a deterrent for me, this would be much better. The loft would be great for storage space.

  10. This is the third good idea you’ve posted in the past week that’d work for me, since with my mobility impairment, and out very young child, the loft-bed floor plan designs don’t work for us – but this would!

  11. I clicked and STILL can’t figure out is the photo of a loft or single level?

  12. this is deceiving since this home has no bathroom. so they have a bedroom on the first floor

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