This is What Debt-Free Living Looks Like

Since making the switch to a Tiny House, I have no debt. I have hardly any bills. I have very little house to clean and maintain. I don’t own any furniture, and own very little housewares. I have to write one check a month, to rent the land that I park my Tiny House on, and if I really wanted to I could get creative and find a land sitting situation to live on some land for nearly free. If I don’t like where I’m out, I can hitch up and move on along.” – Greg Parham from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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4 thoughts on “This is What Debt-Free Living Looks Like”

  1. Greg, I would like to talk to you more about this. I want to do the same. Please can you contact me?

  2. As a tiny home and land owner it is wise to point out to newcomers to the tiny house world that while you may be debt free as far as 0 mortgage it does not mean you will be worry free. In so many towns, cities, counties and very rural counties such as where my tiny home sits (same county that Seattle is in) it is illegal to live in your tiny home and you have to fly under the radar to do so. I pay 4,700 a year in property taxes and it is illegal for me to sleep one night in my tiny house on my own land. The county has followed up several times and has to continue to do so if a neighbor or anyone makes a complaint. So, do your homework and consider this FIRST before you build your tiny house and get lost in the dream of living the tiny life which has it’s own headaches.

    1. Good point. The legality of all sorts of alternative homes varies from place to place – so doing your due diligence no matter what alternative you choose will help reduce risk.

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