Zach Giffin & Molly Baker Give a Quick Tour of the Outdoor Research Tiny House

In this, the second installation of our “En Route” series, we profile professional skiers Zach Giffin, Molly Baker and their Tiny House. A few years back they realized the house of their dreams wasn’t going to be the status quo; they wanted to feel at home while traveling from place to place in search of fresh snow. Those dreams fueled the construction of the 112 square-foot Tiny House they now live in. Thanks to the Tiny House, they’ve traveled thousands of miles, woken up to countless powder days, and been introduced to plenty of new friends.” – Goal Zero

Zach is also the host of a new tiny house television show called Tiny House Nation.

Watch this video The Tiny House Life | Zach Giffin & Molly Baker on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “Zach Giffin & Molly Baker Give a Quick Tour of the Outdoor Research Tiny House”

  1. Kathy Kelsheimer

    I love these tiny homes , Directv has this channel but I can’t get it. Keep a blog going on face book please,

    1. I was thinking whether they have the design and how to for sale somewhere…episode 6 is amazing. because I live in different country where regulation is different, I’d like to see whether it is possible

  2. Debbie Macalusa

    I have recorded all of the episodes to do with Tiny living! My husband and I have had to move out of our trailer because I am having a hard time getting up our steps because of two car accidents and my disabilities. We have a barn type shed 12×24 that we put an air condition and bed in. With my side bed commode, wheelchair, ramp to inside we manage for now. We are planning to fix the shed to be a cottage as funds become available. My question, is their a way to get plans on how to build the Murphy bed with the sofa. In order to save money my husband is taking on this DIY project. Also, we have a kerosine heater but it is hard to control temperature in the shed what should we do. We have no insulation yet.

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